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UPDATE:  February 19, 2021



The dispensation for Mass has ended.  Those who are excused are those with serious health issues, those over 65 and caregivers for those listed. PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASKS AND SOCIAL DISTANCE.  Please be mindful as we return to Mass to move to the center of the pew if necessary to allow for additional people in each pew.  (example 1 person on each end and 1 in the middle is plenty of space, or a family on one end and 1-2 people on the other end).


Mass & Adoration Schedule

5:15 p.m. Rosary
6 p.m. Vigil Mass
8:15 a.m. Rosary
9 a.m. & 11 a.m.*
11:00 a.m. will be live streamed on YouTube.

3 p.m. Divine Mercy
5:15 p.m. Rosary
7 p.m. Reconciliation
7 p.m. Praise & Worship
8 p.m. Benediction  

This schedule will be in effect for the forseeable future.


Confession is by appointment
Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m.
Saturday's from 5:15-5:45 p.m.

Our Digital Bulletin

Since we are unable to meet for Mass our Bulletin has been made available ditigally.  It is also available on MyParishApp.

February 21st

February 14th

February 7th

January 31st



We will have Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent at 6 p.m.*  Please wear your Mask and social distance.

* Stations will be live streamed every Friday during Lent.


The February Ministry Schedule has been sent out.  If any Altar servers would like to serve for Stations of the Cross, one will be allowed (preferably and older one to carry the cross).  You can log in to the Ministry Scheduler and accept the spot.


If any Altar Server would like to serve at regular Sunday Mass they may do so at whatever Mass they attend.  Only ONE server per Mass will be allowed at this time.

Lenten Meditations Week 1
What are you doing to prepare for and to participate in Lent?

The Season of Lent is the forty-day period before Easter, excluding Sundays, which begins this year on Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021 and ends at sunset on Holy Thursday, April 1, when the Easter Triduum begins.

As the U.S. Bishops explain,
During Lent, we are asked to devote ourselves to seeking the Lord in prayer and reading Scripture, to service by giving alms, and to sacrifice self-control through fasting….The key to fruitful observance of these practices is to recognize their link to baptismal renewal. We are called not just to abstain from sin during Lent, but to true conversion of our hearts and minds as followers of Christ. We recall those waters in which we were baptized into Christ's death, died to sin and evil, and began new life in Christ…. Catholics are also encouraged to make going to confession a significant part of their spiritual lives during Lent.

Subject to certain exemptions due to age, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are obligatory days of fasting (limited meals) and abstinence from eating meat. Fridays during Lent are also obligatory days of abstinence. “Voluntary fasting from food creates in us a greater openness to God's Spirit and deepens our compassion for those who are forced to go without food. The discomfort brought about by fasting unites us to the sufferings of Christ. “ Moreover,

our fasting and refraining is in response to the workings of the Holy Spirit. By fasting we sense a deeper hunger and thirst for God. In a paradoxical way, we feast through fasting—we feast on the spiritual values that lead to works of charity and service.

Besides these particular practices, “we are also called to practice self-discipline and fast in other ways throughout the season,” as well as participating in other spiritual or penitential practices, such as attending daily Mass. Additionally, “the giving of alms is one way to share God's gifts—not only through the distribution of money, but through the sharing of our time and talents.” Jesus was always concerned about those in need.

The number “forty” is a period of time mentioned many times throughout scripture. One interpretation is it symbolically represents a period to prepare us for the testing of our faith. Jesus fasted and prayed for "40 days and 40 nights" in the desert before he prevailed in being tested by the devil, after which Jesus began his public ministry (Mt 4:1-11).

Follows are links to a variety of spiritual practices, articles, videos, music, and other resources to assist us in preparing for and participating in this Season of Lent.

Lent 2020 (USCCB)

Lent Calendar - 2020 (USCCB)

Cuaresma 2020 (USCCB)

Message of Pope Francis for Lent 2020

"Lenten Prayer" (USCCB)

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina en Espanol

Litany of Fasting and Feasting

"Praying Lent" (Creighton University)

Lenten Online 8-Week Retreat (Creighton University)

"An Ignatian Prayer Adventure"

Daily Examen (Ignatian Spirituality)

"Lenten Resources" (Ignatian Spirituality)

Resources for Your Lenten Journey (Loyola Press)

Lent and Easter (Franciscan Media)

Lent (EWTN)

"Videos for Lent" (USCCB)

"God's Gift of Forgiveness" (USCCB)

"What Are the Symbols of Lent and What Is Their Meaning?"

"Questions and Answers About Lent and Lenten Practices" (USCCB)

"Rediscovering the Sacrament of Penance" (USCCB)

"Penitential Practices for Today's Catholics" (USCCB)

"Saints for the Lenten Season" (USCCB)

"Penance and Reconciliation - Reconciled to Right Relationship, Called to Heal and Restore" (USCCB)

Examinations of Conscience (USCCB)

"Journey at the Foot of the Cross: Ten Things to Remember for Lent" (USCCB)

"The Seven Penitential Psalms and the Songs of the Suffering Servant" (USCCB)

"Almsgiving" (USCCB)

"Fast and Abstinence" (USCCB)

"A Reflection on Lenten Fasting" (Rev. Daniel Merz - USCCB)

"The Biblical Roots of Ash Wednesday"

"Beyond Giving Up Chocolate-Going Deeper in Lent"

Family Prayer

"Best Lent Ever" (Dynamic Catholic)

Lenten Gospel Reflections (Bishop Robert Barron - Word on Fire)

"The Stations of the Cross" (Creighton University)

"A Scriptural Way of the Cross for Lent" (USCCB)

"Praying the Stations of the Cross for Victims of Human Trafficking" (USCCB)

Stations of the Cross (YouTube - Dominican Sisters of Peace)

Stations of the Cross in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stations of the Cross (Catholic Relief Services)

The Corporal Works of Mercy (USCCB)

The Spiritual Works of Mercy (USCCB)

"Penance and Reconciliation" (ADOB)

"Rice Bowl" (Catholic Relief Services)

Triduum (USCCB)

Lenten Resources (National Catholic Education Association)

Lenten Prayer for Civility

What's the Purpose of Lent? (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

"Lent in Three Minutes" (Busted Halo)

Preparing for Lent (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

Where is Lent in the Bible? (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

The Significance of Ash Wednesday (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

Don't Give Up Anything for Lent (Breaking in the Habit)

"Lent" (Bishop Robert Barron)

"The Biblical Roots of Ash Wednesday" (Dr. Brant Pitre)

"Enjoy Lent" (Dr. Scott Hahn)

"40 Days into Lent - Ash Wednesday" (Fr. Bing Arellano)

"What are the Practices in Lent" (Bishop Robert Barron)

"Preparing for Lent" (A Catholic Mom's Life)

"Prayer for Lent in 2020"

"The Lenten Season"

"Lenten Meditation - Begin the Journey" (Sisters of Bon Secours)

"What is Lent All About?"

"Lenten Reflections from Catholicism" (Bishop Robert Barron)

"Lenten Reflection" (Bishop Robert Barron)

"What is Lent" (Cardinal Timothy Dolan)

"What is Lent" (Father James Martin, SJ)

"Picking a Thing for Lent" (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

"Fasting Can Change You Forever" (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

"4 Reasons for Fasting" (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

"Why Fast on Ash Wednesday" (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

"4 Reasons for Almsgiving" (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

"Almsgiving and Joy" (Fr. James Martin, SJ)

"Almsgiving" (3 Minute Theology)

"The Good Samaritan - Almsgiving" (Catholic Relief Services)

"40 Days Reflection Into Lent - Almsgiving is Giving to Jesus Begging" (Fr. Bing Arellano)


"Catholic Spirituality in Practice" (C 21 - Boston College)

Prayer and Spiritual Practices

"Just Pray"

"The Daily Examen"

"Lectio Divina"

"Stations of the Cross"

"Centering Prayer"

"Practice and Live a Virtuous Life"


The rosary is prayed daily at our parish.  Sometimes we add in a Novena.  Join us when you can.
Mon-Sat 5:15 p.m., Sun 8:15 a.m.


The First Saturdays Devotion, also called the Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a Catholic devotion which, according to Sister Lúcia of Fátima, was requested by the Virgin Mary in an apparition at Pontevedra, Spain, in December 1925.

March 6th, is First Saturday.  Join us For Mass at 9 a.m. honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

If you have not turned in your paperwork, please do so asap.  We are missing paperwork for several children.  Classes have begun and are at at 10 a.m. (Level I, II, III) or 5 p.m. (Level II)  To complete registration paperwork go to our website, fill out online, print, sign and email.  If you have questions, please email or call Sandra McCutchon at 361.215.4240. 

New Students should bring a copy of their Birth Certificate and their Baptism Certificate.


Confirmation Classes

Confirmation is set for Wednesday, May 5th at 6:30 p.m. at St. Thomas More.

If you have not turned in your paperwork, please do so asap.

Contact Lisa Godinez privately should you have any questions.


Please Pray for the Sick & Shut-Ins

Rafaela Allarcon, Janet Bell, Mike Benedict, Lucas Burlacu, Sandra Clark, Ruben Cortez, Christopher DeLeon, Velma DeLeon, Edna Flores, Rosa Lima Flores, Mable Flores, Bobby Galvan, Sr., Frances Garcia, Maria Esther Garcia,  Maria Dona Garza, Gilbert Gonzales, Amanda Gonzalez, Maria Gonzalez, Josephine T. Guajardo, Susie Guzman, Peter Hernandez, Maria Hill, Michael Hill, Alicia Huerta, Baldemar Johnson, Amber Kersey, Nell Layton, Zayd Louis, Antonio Luis Martinez, Lori Martinez, Irene Mitchell, Richard Montemayor, Gloria Moreno, Kathy Muenzenburger, Ruben Pena, Rodolfo Perez, Valerie Pompa, Tillie Ramirez, Mark Reyes, Eva Salinas, Carlos Sanchez, Maggie Sandoval-Flores, Oralia Sauceda, Wendy Segovia, Jerry Silva, Patricia Silva, Scott Smith, Josie Trevino, Nicholas Trevino, Robert Trevino, Ariana Vasquez, Delia Villarreal, Irma Zamora

New this week: 

If you know anyone who is no longer ill and can be removed from the prayer list, please contact the rectory so that we can make room for new people who are in need of our prayers.


Online Giving & Envelopes- Important Information

I would like to thank you those of you who are using our Online Giving portal. Those who have been using it for a while know the convenience. Those who have just recently signed up because of our current situation, we appreciate you doing so.

I would like to let you know that if you are signed up for Online Giving, I have cancelled your envelopes. This saves the parish money, and you from having to throw them away when they come in. If you are used to putting your envelope in the basket when you come to Mass, I have put reusable Online Giving Cards in the foyer for you to use (see attached). Please do not write on them, when I receive them in the collection, they will be placed back in the hall for the next time you come in.

I have noticed that a few of you have issues with your Online Giving accounts and you should have gotten an email regarding the issues. If you would like help getting them setup again, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Those who have not signed up, I'd like to encourage you to do so. It's safe, secure and helps the parish out.

Thank you for continuing to contribute, especially during this pandemic. We look forward to seeing you back in the church soon.

Click Here to sign up Today!


Did you know??  Online Giving saves the church money and time.  With envelopes for example, those cost the church on average $2/month per household.  The church also pays to have them entered in to the software for your statements at the end of the year.   By using Online Giving, there are no envelopes to be left at home or thrown away and your gifts can be imported into our software.  If you have any questions about starting up Online Giving or need help setting it up.  Please call Adrienne at 888-9309 or email adriennecavazos@corpus.twcbc.com.  It’s an easy safe way to tithe to the church.


Did You Know! Our Parish App offers

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